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Shelf companies

SHELF COMPANY in Bulgaria (ready-made company)

Many of our clients are involved in a fast-paced environment and often do not have the time and ability to go through the process of opening a brand new company. We understand that you success and profitability is often dependent on the speed and efficiency of setting up a new business to get a head start on the competition. For this reason we are pleased to offer the service of a shelf company.


A shelf company is a company that has been already registered with the Bulgarian Commercial Register and is also VAT registered. In this way you save valuable time and money and don’t have to travel to Bulgaria to start the company formation process. We are also able to remotely transfer the company shares to you regardless of your current location. The following is what we offer in more details:


  • Full set of documentation to evidence the VAT and Company registration. These will be translated both in Bulgarian and English.
  • VAT registration number – you can start using immediately to start trading in Bulgaria.
  • Transfer of all shares to you, another person or a legal entity nominated by you.
  • Registered Company Address.
  • Company stamp & Digital signature.
  • Certificate of Good Standing.
  • All registration, set-up and legal fees are inclusive in the service.
  • Digital office for all of your documents – we can offer you access to all of your documents directly from our secured servers on demand.

Advice on setting up Business Bank Accounts, debit card and Online and Mobile Banking. 

Our offer for ready made companies:

  • Incorporated company
  • VAT registration
  • Bank account
  • Online banking
  • Debit cart
  • Company adress
  • Company stamp
  • e-signature
  • Sertificate for good standing
  • Company documents in english
  • 2100€