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Nominee director

A nominee director is a person who in the eyes of the public is the owner and director of a company. However, internally there is a contract between the actual owner and the nominee director. There are advantages and risks involved with this arrangement.



The nominee director of the company director bears full legal responsibility for all contractual, tax and administrative affairs of the company. These duties includes bookkeeping, filing tax reports, providing company funds for employerNational Insurance Contributionspaying taxes and administrative fees for licenses etc. In the unfortunate event that the company faces criminal charges or civil litigation the nominee director will be held responsible for these and the real owner is safeguarded against these risks.

nominee director of a bulgarian company


There are numerous benefits to the appointment of a nominee director. The main advantage to a nominee is the fact that the real owner’s name and details will not appear in any public records, will not be linked to any assets and cannot be held responsible for the conduct of the company. In addition to this if the real owner decides to take control over the company that can be easily done by bringing to light the nominee appointment contract and can subsequently discuss the nominee appointment.

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We offer nominee directors and shareholder ensuring anonymity and confidentiality. Our nominees are our own companies and persons from our group of companies. Upon incorporation we issue a trust deed executed by the nominee shareholders in the favor of the beneficiary, a trust instrument stating the powers of the nominees, and we also issue an open date share transfer agreement, signed and sealed, so that you can transfer the shares to your name at any moment! 

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