Company Registration


550€ / all fees included

  •  Registered company
  •  Digital company documents
  •  Official translations of company documents
  • Registered adress for 1 years
  • VAT registration
  • ☑ Bank account, e-banking, bank card*
  • 1th month free accounting support


760€ / all fees included

  •  Registered company
  •  Digital company documents
  •  Official translations of company documents
  •  Registered adress for 1 years
  •  VAT registration
  • ☑ Bank account, e-banking, bank card*
  •  1th month free accounting support

Full Package

1400€ / all fees included

  •  Registered company
  •  Digital company documents
  •  Official translations of company documents
  •  Registered adress for 1 years
  •  VAT registration
  • ☑ Bank account, e-banking, bank card*
  •  1th month free accounting support
company registration Bulgaria


You can double your income while operating your EU company from anywhere in the world and benefit from the Europe's lowest corporate tax by creating a Bulgarian company without traveling to Sofia.

Bulgaria is one of the most investment-friendly countries both in the Balkans and in the EU in general and can be described as a tax and social insurance heaven. Being a member of the European Union since 2007, the country falls under the provisions of the intra-EU trade among Member States and has signed Double Taxation treaties for the Avoidance of Double Taxation.

Establishing a company in Bulgaria brings multiple advantages. The legal, insurance and tax frameworks are stable and the business environment is particularly friendly towards foreign investors. At the same time, the country enjoys all the benefits of the EU legislation, such as free movement of goods, services, capital and persons and in the same time takes advantage of several development programs.

Furthermore, the whole process of registering a company in Bulgaria is quick and simple, without bureaucratic obstacles and can be done without traveling to Sofia.

Are you looking for the best low-tax, easy to manage location for your international business?

…Then Bulgarian company registration is ideal for you.


Whether you want to:

  • Pay less taxes…
  • Enjoy access to important financial services (like banks and online payments)…
  • Protect your money and control your future…


As a Legal Firm based in Bulgaria we can tell you the fastest and easiest way to establish your company.

Why to choose


  • Enjoy the international image of having a EU company
  • Keep what is yours with some of the lowest tax rates in the EU
  • Setup your business remotely ... within 5 days!
  • Gain access to world class financial services - like banks and accepting credit cards.
  • Do business without restrictions in Europe (and any country in the world)
  • Experience true freedom by running your business the way you want
  • Wide network of favourable Double Tax Treaties

Appealing tax structure

Bulgaria has one of the lowest corporation taxes in the EU – 10% and either 0% or 5% tax on dividends.

Light touch regulation

the Bulgarian legislation does not require a minimum capital for setting up an OOD, is not burdensome for companies to start operations and does not have the administrative burdens that most of the EU countries have.

Fast Business set up

the only real document that needs to be submitted for a company to start functioning is the Articles of Association

company formation in Bulgaria

Fast license approval 

should you need any licenses to operate on Bulgarian soil these are issued quickly and are easily obtained from the relevant authorities

Inexpensive workforce

while Bulgaria has the lowest living standards in the EU which works in favour of all business as the labour costs of doing business are lower and more money would be freed up to use for further investment or to service other business needs.

Dynamic alignment with EU laws

since Bulgaria is part of the European Union our laws are aligned to the EU-wide legal system and for companies that operate in the EU it wouldn’t be a major hurdle that they have to overcome.


Advantages, establishing remotely, company establishment process

This is one of the most popular services that we offer to prospective clients. If you are someone that likes to work from any part of the world and have the freedom to conduct business without worrying about taxes, admin and other red tape regulations then you are in a perfect position to benefit from what we can offer you. There are numerous benefits and advantages of opening and operating through a Bulgarian Limited Liability Company (Ltd) – OOD.


Georgi Petkov Law Office offers the service of company registration in Bulgaria remotely, which is the fastest package of establishing a new company in Bulgaria without the need of coming mutiple times in the country, as it can be done immediately right from your home.

Your company can start its business activities (signing of agreements, trade deals, etc.) in just 4 days from the signing of the necessary founding documents and sending them to the our office.

Contact us at the following number: 00359 882 43 66 56 or through email:

For a first free estimate of the possibility of establishing a company in Bulgaria in the english language!

Easy, fast, reliable & legally regulated


Step-by-step company establishment in Bulgaria

  1. Talk to our legal team and share with us you business plan and come up with a company name.
  2. Provide us with a copy of your passport or ID card.
  3. We draft the M&A and the rest of the company document and send you a PoA for you to sign and notarize in your country of stay.
  4. We open a capital holding bank account and deposit the capital.
  5. We manage the registration process with the registrar while you sit back and relax.
  6. We register you company with the Tax Agency and obtain a VIES number.
  7. You start running your successful business and enjoy the lowest corporate tax in Europe!

Once the registration is completed the company needs to be register for VAT purposes and a Business Bank Account can be opened for the day-to-day business transactions. For that reason you would need to be present during the bank account opening. *We offer assisntace for bank account opening in our Full Package which includes representation before all banks in Bulgaria.

Easy, fast, reliable & legally regulated

What are we offering?

  1. Estabishing of a brad new company or purchase of a ready-made company in Bulgaria.
  2. All document in English (official translation valid in EU)
  3. Registered company tax address at our office (with an employee all working days)
  4. Company stamp and an e-signature.
  5. All fees and costs covered.
  6. Bank accounts opening, debit cards and e-banking.
  7. VIES registration.
  8. Staff that speak multiple languages.
  9. Wide range of administration and add-on services for your day-to-day operations.
  11. A personal approach and fast service at all times!

Easy, fast, reliable & legally regulated


Name approval

Your company’s name DOESN'T need to be approved, but It can’t be  same with an already existing bulgarian companies, so a check will be done.



The minimum authorised share capital is BGN 2 or EUR 1, however we recommend the minimum company capital to be at least 50 euros.



Bulgarian companies must have at least one shareholder. Shareholders may be either corporate or physical persons (individuals), residents of Bulgaria or foreigners. 



The registered office of the company must be in Bulgaria. This is the address where all the company’s official documentation is kept. We can provide a registered office address. 



We offer nominee directors and shareholder ensuring anonymity and confidentiality. Upon incorporation we issue a trust deed executed by the nominee shareholders in the favor of the beneficiary, so that you can transfer the shares to your name at any moment! 



The company must have at least one director (or manager).  There is no requirement that the director(s) is local.



Bulgarian companies are required to file accounts every month and to prepare annual audits.


TAX optimization

Our goal is to maximize the net return on investments and to minimize operating cost of the companies of our clients, through the legal exploitation of solutions based on rational tax planning and the exploitation of the tax advantages of Bulgaria and the rest EU member-states in relation to corporate tax and double tax avoidance agreements.



included in the list of suggested lawyers of the US Embassy in Bulgaria

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